Soil Health Hubs

CCSI_Hubs_FarmerSitesIn 2012, the IASWCD received a three-year Conservation Innovation Grant to promote what we called “Conservation Cropping Systems for Soil Health and Productivity.” This grant will greatly advance education and opportunities for landowners to conserve and improve the health of their soil throughout the state of Indiana.

We are organizing our efforts through “Hubs.” Each Hub is led by a group of delegates (find yours here).

The hubs will provide regionally centralized locations for training opportunities and will also be coordinating with local farmers and Indiana Conservation Partnership staff dedicated to the project. The locations of the hubs represent different soil types, climates, and topography. Read about two unique projects in the northeast and southwest portions of the state.

Sites on private farmers’ lands will serve as scientific test and survey spots. One activity will involve taking measurements on farmers’ current, good cropping system and comparing them with measurements taken after putting in place a newer system. We may also be able to measure neighbor’s fields that have more conventional systems.

For more information on training opportunities and other hub activities, contact Soil Health Program Manager Lisa Holscher.