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Want to see conservation in action? Check out these videos for more information on how to choose and plant cover crops, how to judge soil texture by feel, how to adjust a no-till planter, and more.

The Science of Soil Health video: Measuring the impact of improving soil health

There’s an old adage that says “What you cannot measure, you cannot manage.” But, what if you could accurately measure all of the nitrogen in your soils? In this first in a series of “The Science of Soil Health” videos, film maker and researcher Buz Kloot visits Dr. Rick Haney in Temple, TX to talk about his breakthrough research in this area.

The Science of Soil Health video: The role of soil organisms

“In our “germ-phobic” society today, the role of soil microorganisms is often grossly misunderstood. To many of us, the only good bug is a dead bug.  But in this “Science of Soil Health” video vignette, Dr. Kris Nichols, USDA-ARS in Mandan, North Dakota, discusses why—when it comes to soil health—we need to change our thinking about microorganisms.


Hailing from Northwest Indiana, Dan Perkins’ YouTube channel is frequently updated with new cover-crop related videos from the field.

Season 2 – Episode 14 from Out On The Land on Vimeo. Soil Health Management Systems with emphasis on tillage systems, cover crops, soil quality improvement, and effect on water quality on central Texas farm.


All In One Cover Crop Interseeder/Herbicide And Sidedress Applicator


Cover Crops


Adding Cover Crops to a No-till System

Decaying Oilseed Radish Attracts Large Number of Earthworms

Planting cover crops with grain drill and planter in Ohio

Planting Cover Crops with Grain Drills in Ohio from SC-NRCS & ESRI-SC Partnership on Vimeo.

Healthy Soils

Building Soil Health

1. Building Soil Health from SC-NRCS & ESRI-SC Partnership on Vimeo.

Farmers Talking About Their Soils

Estimating Soil Texture By Feel (This is a PDF).


Zach Cain demonstrates his no-till set up

Mike Starkey demonstrates his no-till set up

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