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NRCS Agronomy Crib Notes include:

Phosphorus Management Best Accepted Technology: Recommendation to Address Phosphorus Water Quality Concerns (new and updated version!)
Late Planted Forages, Permanent Cover and Cover Crops (New)
Fall Scouting and Treatment of Invasive and Herbicide Resistant Weeds (New)
Terminating Cover Crops
Checking Planter
Soil Pit Safety
Wet Spring Weather Cover Crops


“Soil Health in the News– a frequently-updated listing of soil health articles in mainstream and ag-focused news.

cereal rye

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Adoption of Agricultural Conservation Practices: Insights from Research and Practice

A Dozen Do’s For Succesful No-till Corn

Agriculture Management Effects On Earthworm Populations

Earthworm and Crop Management

Entry Phase Management for No-till Systems

Nitrogen Management in a No-till System

No-till Planter Adjustment Guide

Top Fifteen Basics for No-till Corn Success

Tri-state Fertilizer Recommendations

Nan mixing soil may 2, 2013

PowerPoint Presentations

Monsanto Cover Crop Workshop, June 5, 2012

Jahn:  “Sustainable Agriculture: Breeding Agricultural System Components”
Hatfield: “Cover Crops: Thoughts and Challenges”
Rice:  “Cover Crops and Sustainability”
Kaspar:  “Cover Crops”
Plumer:  “Cover Crop Workshop” (lots of quantitative data here)
Wyse:  “Continuous Living Covers: Annual and Perennial Systems”
Tyler:  “Winter Cover Crops”
Clay:“Overcoming Critical Cover Crop Production Issues”
Sheehan: “Cover Crop Research Topics” (Howard G. Buffet Foundation)
Rulon:  “Farmer Adoption Challenges for Cover Crops”
Soteres:  “Cover Crops and Weed Management”

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Leveraging Irrigation Workshop Links


Agriculture Research Service (USDA)
Agroecology Issue Team
Areas of Concern in the Great Lakes
Beck’s Hybrids
Burleigh County SWCD – 2012 Soil Health Workshop Videos
Chat and Chew Cafe’
Conservation Technology Information Center
ISDA Division of Soil Conservation
Indiana NRCS
Indiana Nutrient Management/Soil Health
Missouri No-till Planting Systems
National Academy of Sciences Publications
National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD)
National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment
Natural Resources Conservation Service
No-till Farmer
Ohio BMPs
Oregon Ryegrass Seed Commission
Purdue Pest and Crop Newsletter
Soil and Water Conservation Society
USDA Soil Quality