CCSI Farmer Profile: Mike Werling

Who: Mike Werling

Where: Adams County

What: Corn, soybeans, wheat, oats

Werling is a multi-generation farmer on his grain operation.The farm is located six miles northwest of Decatur. He uses a three-year rotation following corn with soybeans then wheat or oats. He practices no-till and uses cover crops because he doesn’t like soil erosion. It pays off because he was a 2012 winner of the River Friendly Farmer of the Year Award for his conservation efforts. The biggest benefit from his no-till / cover crop mix has been an increase in organic matter in the soil, and improvement in soil life and health. Mike says healthy soil has better water infiltration, less run off, and he uses less fertilizer, and sees better yields. Werling has plans for test plots to measure the value of no-till, conservation tillage and cover crops. The on-farm research is exciting because “that’s real life. These are practices that could be used on a larger scale.”