CCSI Farmer Profile: Mike Shuter

mikeshuterWho: Mike Shuter

Where: Madison County, Indiana

What: Corn, soybeans, beef cattle, and hogs

Shuter and his sons, Patrick and Brian, have been no-tilling for 30 years, strip-tilling for 10 years and have been using variable rate technology as long as it has been available. For the last five years they have been researching cover crops and how to integrate them into their operation. In 2010 they started developing a high clearance seeding machine to seed cover crops in standing corn and soybeans to get these crops off to a faster, earlier start. All of their crop fields were seeded to cover crops starting in the fall of 2012. Shuter is a past president of the Indiana Corn Marketing Council.


The Mike Shuter Legacy: There is such a thing as Perfect Farming