CCSI Farmer Profile: Larry Huffmeyer

Who: Larry Huffmeyer

Where: 1300 acres in Ripley County, Indiana

What: Soybeans, Corn, Wheat

Larry started farming in 1974 after graduating from Purdue University. He purchased a no-till planter then and started with no-till double crop soybeans. He later rented no-till drills to expand soybean production. He also utilized cover crops in the early years. No-till corn has been more challenging due to wet soils. Early season burn down and some vertical tillage have improved results. The family has installed waterways since the 70′s. No-till and minimum till has allowed many of these practices to remain effective today. They have been using various cover crop mixes extensively for the last four years.

Larry Huffmeyer received the 2012 Conservation Farmer of the Year award. Read about his accomplishments here.