CCSI Farmer Profile: Don Villwock


Who: Don Villwock

Where: 4,000 acres in Knox County

What: White corn, soybeans, seed soybeans, seed wheat

Villwock is a no-till farmer in southwest Indiana. The former SWCD supervisor’s focus has been to protect his soil from erosion, improve water quality and soil health, reduce costs and increase yields. Villwock has served as president of Indiana Farm Bureau and Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance since January 2002. He is graduate of Purdue University with a degree in agricultural economics. He began by no-tilling double crop soybeans into wheat stubble in the late 1970s. He then no-tilled soybeans into corn stalks in the early ’80s, and started planting corn into soybean stubble in the mid-’80s. By 1990 he modified his corn planter and was planting corn into corn stalks. He has been 100 percent no-till ever since. Villwock has won or been a top three finisher in the National Corn Yield contest on several occasions in the no-till division. Even though he has been using wheat for a cover crop on his most erosive soils for over 20 years, he is now experimenting with a variety of cover crop options to sequester nutrients and to improve soil health. He and his wife, Joyce, have two daughters.

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