CCSI and the Dubois and Wabash County SWCDs

sample 1 May 8, 2013 (2)As Indiana Conservation Partners, the State’s 92 Soil and Water Conservation Districts are each part of the team that helps to deliver information, training, and technical assistance to growers and landowners.  Because of unique opportunities, the Wabash and Dubois County SWCDs were each asked to take a more involved role in the Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative Regional Hub Program.

Dubois County SWCD, because of its partnership with Vincennes University to develop the Land Stewardship Initiative at the school’s Jasper Campus.  Through the Land Stewardship Initiative, VUJC cropland is managed by the SWCD to promote, demonstrate, and evaluate soil health practices.  The group’s efforts also extend to conversion of manicured lawns to wildlife and pollinator –friendly warm season grass and forb mixtures as well as managing woodlands to control invasive species and improve timber stands. Combined with state-of-the-art learning facilities, VUJC provides a perfect location for conservation field days and trainings.

Susi Soil Sampling May 2, 2013 A

Wabash County SWCD also brings a unique soil health investigation, demonstration, and learning opportunities through its management of the Wabash County Farm (former Poor Farm).  As a true working farm, the 152-acre site includes working cropland, woodlands, streams, ponds and wetlands – all of which are readily accessible and easily utilized for conservation training. The SWCD’s partnership with Wabash County government insures the appropriateness of the site for long-term demonstrations and research.

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