Advanced & Intro Trainings

**These events took place in early spring of 2014. However, the valuable reading materials and other resources are left below.

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Pre-Event Reading:


This workshop is designed for Indiana Conservation Partnership staff (SWCDs, NRCS, ISDA, Purdue Extension, IDEM, DNR) and other technicians and educators who have not taken a soils class or would like a refresher.  It is also an ideal workshop to attend before attending Advanced trainings, such as the Advanced Cover Crops / Advanced Cropping Systems to be held in March or the 3-Day Soil Health Training held in August.  The focus is to provide connectivity between soil science to  soil health demonstrations (i.e. Slake, Infiltration) and why certain practices can improve soil health/functionality.  Lots of hands-on demonstrations.

Suggested Pre-Course Reading Material
1.  Conquest of the Land Through 7000 Years
2.   Farming in the 21st Century
3.  Soil Health for Cleaner Water
Suggested Pre-Course Videos
1.  Healthier Soils for Healthier Farms
2.  Undercover Farmers – Feature Length
Profiles in Soil Health: 
1.  Mike Starkey 
2.  Jack Maloney 
3.  Dan DeSutter


There are four different “Advanced” workshop options. They are divided by topic (cover crops and cropping systems) and then by intended audience (one for ICP staff, crop advisors, Extension educators, and others who work directly with farmers; and one for landowners and producers). Cropping Systems workshops will focus on soil biology, equipment and systems, replicated strip trials, nutrient management, and key technical assistance points. Cover Crops workshops will provide an expanded discussion on nutrient and pest management and termination, the practical side of developing cover crop mixes, adaptive management strategies, and other topics of special interest. See the flyer for details. Registration will open soon.

Required reading
Advanced Soil Health Worksheet (Please complete and bring to class).

Suggested Reading: Advanced Cover Crops
1.   Cover Crops for Modern Cropping Systems
2.   Cover Crops for Nitrogen Management
3.   Cover Crops for Prevented Planting Acres
Suggested Reading: Advanced Cropping Systems
1.   Slake Demonstration as an indicator of soil health
2.   Indiana Agronomy Crib Notes
Suggested Pre-Course Videos
Soil Health Study: Grazing Management & Infiltration
Soil Health in a Minute Series: 
1.  Discover the Cover
   2.  How Healthy Soils Should Look
   3.  Soil Smell
   4.  Engine Energy
Additional Reading:
1.  Soil Change Guide: Procedures for Soil Survey and Resource Inventory, Forward & Table of Contents
2.  Guidelines for Soil Quality Assessment in Conservation Planning, Table of Contents, Overview, and Steps 1-6 in Section II
3.  Soil Quality Tech Notes: #3, #4, #8 


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